Monday, November 16, 2009

Jalan-jalan Pergi Mydin

***Assalamualaikum, now I am sleepy and my bed, my bantal bucuk, my warm smelly selimut are calling me. Tired again, like yesterday, but, it happens to me because this afternoon I went to Mydin and spent my entire day there. I made a little shopping, nothing much, just a haversack for my laptop (Mydin really knew my taste for the cheaper thing, hehehe!). Well the bag only cost RM39.90. I had my eye on this kind of thing at Giant and found the cheapest one is RM90.00. So, no hesitation can get over me. I chose Mydin in this case. I am patiently waiting for the pay day as the duit in my bank account is getting smaller and smaller in number. Bila la nak masuk gaji ni....23hb kan?? Even though I had spent RM39.90 on the haversack, the total amount of the money that I gave to Mydin punya tokey was more than RM100. Yelah, kalau dah segala benda yang ada depan mata aku ambik... The best thing was, when I wanted to pay by using my credit card, the boy at the counter said, "Kak, cash only la, mesin credit card ni rosak". What?? and I looked behind me, there was a long queue there and people waited to pay impatiently. I didn't have enough money in my purse. So the boy asked me to go to the other counter. Mujur la kat situ bleh guna kad kredit. So, the moral value of the story is please bring the real money not the plastic one!

Murah je, mana la mampu nak beli yang mahal...
Jenama pon orang tak pernah dengar.. AMIOKO..
Ni nyaris takleh bayar tadi.

** I am watching Supernatural now...Dean ni handsome tul!

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